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anthony kopiecki

breaking down electronic music

About Anthony

Anthony Kopiecki is a passionate healthcare professional with experience in a number of different areas within the industry. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with his B.S. in Biology. He received his M.D. from St. George’s University School of Medicine.

Anthony worked as an active member at Saint George’s University’s Surgery Club and Emergency Medicine Club, honing his skills by practicing different surgical techniques. He also served as a volunteer in Same Day Surgery Unit/Phase H Recovery during his undergraduate study, and as a teacher and tutor in Biochemistry and Physiology for the Department of Educational Services while in medical school. Anthony’s clinical rotations were completed at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center. He then went on to a one-year surgical residency at St. Barnabas Medical Center.

Currently, Anthony Kopiecki is pivoting from his role as a physician to entering the healthcare sector from a behind the scenes, business perspective. Aware of the fact that more and more hospitals are being acquired by larger organizations, Anthony is striving to create a more patient-centered experience.

In addition to his professional career, Anthony possesses a deep love for music. “I love the direction it’s headed; the complexity that music is growing towards is pretty interesting.” If you were to peruse his collection, you’d see everything from rap to classic rock to electronic music. In fact, electronic music, such as deep house and minimalist techno have quickly grown to one be one of his favorite genres. When not working, you can find Anthony spending time with his girlfriend, and attending local events and supporting music-makers both big and small. Anthony Kopiecki’s love for exploration is found in his appreciation of much of the new wave of electronic music.

Just as Anthony is interested in the new directions for the healthcare sector, he is also interested in the future of electronic music. “I like tracking the trajectory of things. I actually think it’s really important. Trying to understand what tomorrow could be like can better help us determine how to live today.” In addition to his enjoyment of music as a passive listener, Anthony has DJ’d a few events himself, always looking to grow and hone his skills in whatever area he is passionate about.

Be sure to follow Anthony as he writes about his love for music, a breakdown of his favorite artists, and the future of the electronic music genre.